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Bachelor degrees

A Bachelor's Degree is an academic degree, usually at undergraduate level, that is awarded for a course or major that generally lasts for three, four, or in some cases and countries five or six years. Students usually need to complete a Bachelor's Degree to enter graduate studies. Bachelor's Degrees are offered within most academic areas.

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1 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION 7/18/2017   Cordia Group Of Educational Institutes Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a two year course offered for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching. The B.Ed. degree is mandatory for teaching at the secondary (classes 9 and 10)...
1 Thesis help 6/26/2017   chopes Im a computer science student taking an undergraduate thesis. My topic is all about chess. Can any one suggest a thesis title for me that is not too broad to study ?
2 business and economics 12/8/2016   idaewor mary Please friends I want to know if its very possible to gain admission into the Johannes Kepler University in Austria. I really wish to come study there. I am from Nigeria and want to study busi...
0 BBA 2/12/2016   PriyaSaxena What is the admission procedure to enroll for UPES BBA programs?
10 Anyone heard about New European College in Munich? 1/25/2016   Jan Bleeker Hello, My name is Jan Bleeker and I am currently looking to find more information on New European College in Munich. Their bachelor of arts in international management seems quite interesting ...
1 Work after graduating 10/20/2015   GraceO Graduated from a European university with nursing degree, now considering career options! Any advice?
0 Information regarding M.D. in romania 4/30/2015   Waheed Hey there, I want to ask a couple of questions. 1. How can I get admission in M.D. in Cluj Napoca or Ordea University as a foreign student. 2. Where can I get precise information? 3. I downloa...
1 Study Interior design in Cape Town 4/10/2015   Work in progress for a better future. Well... no, for the future of my dreams :) Hello, My name is Emmanuelle, it's the first time I'm posting in a forum :$. The reason why I'm doing that is that I'm desperate for answers. I've been looking for some advice about my higher ...
0 Islamic studies 3/27/2013   sophie I am Safia , please tell me the best institutes/universities/colleges in Delhi where I can study Islamic studies and learn Arabic language. I want to be an Islamic scholar. Where can I began i...
0 Chemical engineer university in Germany 3/10/2013   Mimi I would like to study chemical engineering in Germany. I am able to speak German, I passed with A H2 in German in my A levels in Singapore. What should I do? Any advice/ suggestions?
3 study business management 11/17/2012   deepak I have a temporary residency card in Portugal. I want to my study bachelor degree in business manament. What are the criteria and how many documents are necessary and needed?
1 Best college for business technology 10/20/2012   Best college for Hey!! I completed my 12th class recently. Can anyone suggest the best college to pursue business technology?
0 Bachelor of education 4/19/2012   Sarah Hello, with a French bachelor degree in Law, is it possible to transfer to a Bachelor of Education in Israel? Are there equivalent or reduced years of studies? Are there particular conditions ...
1 Career advice 3/20/2012   Anu I am in a 10th year student and I want to become a scientist and do research and all that stuff... I am more interested in astronautics.. and I wanna be a scientist in that field only. I want ...
5 Bachelor or Diploma? 11/18/2011   Harley Petersson I am trying to figure out what is my best course of action in the field of electrical engineering - a bachelors degree or a diploma? Thanks in advance!
1 Computer science & language studies 7/11/2011   manu tripathi I have completed my b. tech first year with 75% marks in 2010, in the second year in 2011 due to an incident that hapenned to me I couldn't take my 3 semester exam and lost a year. My branch i...
6 BSc or B. Tech? 5/5/2011   lakshmir1993 Is it right to choose a BSc in physics instead of b. tech?
0 certificate validity 11/7/2010   MJ Hello, I'm an English Literature major at the state university of Shiraz-Iran. I was planning to get a student visa and I was wondering if the BA certificate I get here is valid at universitie...
0 Application to study in your institution 6/27/2010   ambrose Good morning, please I want to request information about the institutions in Poland that accept international students and if admission for 2010 is still on. Please assist me with information....
2 Why is it called a Bachelors degree? 2/2/2010   Christopher I would like to know why, is a Bachelors degree called a Bachelors?
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