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Healthcare programs abroad

Studying medicine and healthcare abroad is becoming more and more common as the medical programs in Asia and Eastern Europe are gaining status, and proving their high standard. Depending on where you are from, studying medicine in another country than the one you intend to practice in may mean you need to take extra examinations, and practice as an intern before gaining your full medical license.

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0 Orthodontics Master with an Engineering back-ground 7/26/2017   GilGalaid Hello, I would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to study Orthodontics without been dentist. In particular for an Engineer. I always wanted to do orthodontics but I do not like bl...
0 Studying medicine in Romania 7/10/2017   Amna Hey! I just want some information regarding Romanian medical. I have heard that Romanian medical got now worth. The doctors are unable to treat patients and they lack basic information even af...
3 Studying in Bulgaria 1/14/2017   lavalover Hi,I plan to study in Bulgaria - Medicine or Pharmacy. I will apply this year. Is anyone going to Bulgaria too? I have just started looking for info and I'd love to meet someone who is interes...
1 Studying nursing in canada 4/19/2016   Nursing Hi I'm a registered anesthesia nurse with two years of work experience and I am interested in studying nursing in Canada. Are there any options with my degree being considered so maybe I can s...
1 psychiatric nurse diploma 2/4/2016   daima I will start to study psychiatric nursing diploma. The course is 2 years in Alberta Canada but I am wondering if can I continue my studies in the same course in South Africa after 1 year of st...
0 study dentistry in romania 12/11/2015   shen Hi, I want to study dentistry in Gr Popa Lasi. I know its not the best uni in Romania but the good ones don't offer dentistry in English even though they offer medicine in English. Anyway if a...
1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1/28/2015   lamsy Please, I want to know if you have a bachelor degree for a registered nurse. I would like to know the duration of course and requirement for entry.
0 From Nursing to Medicine 12/5/2014   Armando Hello, I'm a registered nurse with bachelor degree, living in Lebanon and I'm looking forward if it is possible to study medicine in Eastern-Europe without starting medicine from the beginning...
1 Medicine in Europe 1/19/2013   Jimmy From South Africa and want to study medicine in Europe where and how can I apply?
0 Medicine studies in ... Poland ? 7/10/2012   Martin3 Hi ! I'm a secondary-school student in France and I think to undertake undergraduate courses in medicine in one year. The idea to study abroad is taking more and more importance in my mind. I'...
1 Medicine studies in ... Poland ? 7/5/2012   Martin3 Hi ! I'm a secondary-school student in France and I think to undertake undergraduate courses in medicine in one year. The idea to study abroad is taking more and more importance in my mind. I'...
1 I want to study in Canada 5/5/2012   Talabsho Can you to help me I want to study in Canada! 
0 Study Medicine in the UK 12/13/2011   Veronica Maggio What are the differences between studying medicine in the UK and in the US? I am debating between the two, so any pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.
0 Become a nurse in Canada 12/8/2011   timoascome Hello Sir/Madam, what are the requirements to become a (registered nurse) in Canada?
1 where in Europe to study medicine? 11/23/2011   corey.q.mitchell I'm interested in pursuing a medical education in Europe - where is the best place?
3 Study medicine in Romania Cheapest place in EU 11/13/2011   dr mo If you want to study medicine in Romania please let me know as I can provide you with all the info you need from A-Z-Mo
1 medicine entry requirements 8/8/2011   Siobhain What are the requirements to study Medicine?
0 what should I study after microbiology 4/28/2011   jenifferjansi I am a microbiology student what course should I take after 12th?
3 study medicine abroad 1/27/2011   habeycole Good day to you all. I'm a Nigerian student now, I had my high school leaving certificate 2 years ago but about to secure an admission anywhere in the world. I did some exams last 2 years and ...
189 Study medicine in Holland 1/25/2011   Student assistant My name is Ulla. I am currently a second year medical student attending the University of Groningen in Holland and also work as a student ambassador here. I know how hard it can be to apply to...
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