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Scholarships & financing

Studying abroad will always be combined with certain costs, no matter where you choose to study. There are several ways of financing your education from student loans to scholarships and in some cases state grants and benefits. Ask your questions about tuition, living expenses and how to deal with them here.

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0 Scholarships Guide 3/17/2017   Josh, Hey everyone! Just wanted to direct you to our Scholarships Guide if you haven't seen it already. It aims to help you get the financial aid you deserve, looking at what types of scholarships ...
0 Make My Study 12/16/2015   Shiju Help the students to prepare to succeed in this competitive world with healthy and systematic methodology. Provide the students with adequate options for the carer choice and proper guidance f...
3 RE: Paras education foundation loans 4/2/2015   Paulo Hello, I'm also interested. Have you found something?
1 How to apply for a scholarship to study in USA 12/1/2014 Hai, am Rashidha I would like to continue my higher studies in USA. Initially, I have a doubt in selecting the course and the university. I also have confusion on how to apply a scholarship to...
0 how to get scholarships 6/11/2013   latdajung How should I prepare to go to study there?
0 An incredible internet site I utilized to get my scholarship 11/29/2012   katexpege I want to share an awesome website I used to get my arithmetic scholarship. The website is: They provide countless scholarship contacts for people that are ...
0 scholarship for Europe and America 10/17/2012   Nadeem Hussain Hi I am Nadeem and I am a textile grad and I am interested to have a scholarship for my further study in America. 
0 scholarship to study control enginering 5/16/2012   mulat I only need to find a scholarship to study control engineering
1 how to pay tuition 5/15/2012   Kaba How do I study in your university if I can't pay my studies
0 scholarship wanted 1/16/2012   berliana I'm looking for a scholarship to continue my studies
1 Scholarship to study in Ireland 12/29/2011   Hilary Dunt I'm looking for a scholarship to study abroad for 1 semester in Ireland. Do you know where I can find this?
0 Scholarship in Canada 11/25/2011   bernardo.q.ganaraz Hi I need a full scholarship to study in Canada, can you help me?
0 Help me with Scholarship 11/23/2011   Harriet Dear sir/madam, please I have asked questions about scholarships and masters program in your discussion forum but all has not answered but I can see that many threads have been answered.
0 scholarship 11/18/2011   Harriet Osei Asibey Hello everybody I want to study an MBA Leadership in one of the reputable schools in abroad but I can’t afford it so I want to know if there is any form of scholarship offer for this particula...
3's Monthly Question 6/1/2011 Every day we get a lot of questions regarding the financial aspect of studying. Now we wonder how much you would be willing to pay for your degree? Please join the discussion and let us know y...
0 I need assistance in studying astronomy 3/29/2011   vanlalhruaii.varte90 I am a student from India and I am currently in the 12th grade. I want to study astronomy in undergraduate but I don’t know where to join, I need to find a recognized university which provides...
0 visa and finance 2/7/2011   prince How can I get my study visa? Is it easy or not? Can you given me help to my financial problem?
0 college fees 1/20/2011   enya mac mahon Hi I’m trying to go and study in Montreal, Canada in an art college but don’t know how I can apply or how much the fees will be for an Irish citizen? Can anyone help me?
0 I need master schocalrship for journalism 11/9/2010   N/A I am Ahmedsadik Yusuf, a Somali refugee journalist in Kampala, I am holder three years of BA and eight year experience in journalism, I want increase my journalism knowledge, I...
0 one year fashion design in MARANGONI INSTITUTO 7/24/2010   Linda Hello, I Am from Tunisia , My dream is to study in Marangoni . I want to enroll myself in a one year fashion design in Marangoni Instituto in UK, Italy or France , and I would like to know if ...
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