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0 Contractors licensing 3/31/2015   Michael Hello, I am Michael, currently working as an employee at a local firm as Human Resource Manager. I am seeking a distance education to earn a Contractors license. One of my friend referred me t...
1 South American Cooking Classes 3/26/2012   Domingo Gonzalez What schools can you recommend to learn how to cook in South America?
0 Tourism in Padagonia 3/9/2012   Sally Bowen Do you have an recommendations for tourism education programmes focusing on Patagonia? Thanks
0 Cooking in Argentina 2/3/2012   Samantha Ubergein I love Argentinian food and dream of opening my own Argentinian restaurant. What is the best school in Argentina to study the culinary arts?
0 South America FTW 1/18/2012   Kara Benton Hey guys, I really want to go to South America and pursue my engineering degree, anyone been and can recommend country/city and schools? Would be forever grateful for any help I can get!
1 South American adventure 12/20/2011   Casy Hi, my dream is to study in South America, I'd love to go to Bolivia, is there anyone who has done this before? Are there any good hospitality schools/courses that are good?
0 Biology in Peru 12/8/2011   Anders Ostberg Please advise me on how to apply to study biology in Peru
0 Study Spanish in Costa Rica 11/29/2011   Winston Mayline I've heard Costa Rica is one of the best countries to go to learn Spanish. Anyone have recommendations of good programs there?
0 Education in Chile 11/25/2011   Claudia Seville I have a dream to study in Chile someday. Can you help me make this happen? Best regards, CS
0 Cost of living in Buenos Aires 11/23/2011   polly.q.doherty What is the average cost of living as a student in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
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